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On November 9th, 2010 at 14:11

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The climate of San Diego is categorized as semi-arid or Mediterranean; which for us non-weather aficionados means that it enjoys mild, sunny weather throughout the year. But for those weather geeks, San Diego can also be said to have a Mediterranean of arid-Mediterranean climate since it straddles areas of Mediterranean climate to the north, and Semi-arid climate to the south and east.But let’s talk about temperatures. Average monthly temperatures range from 57.3degrees in January to 72.5degrees in August (although late summer and early autumn are typically the hottest times of the year with temperatures occasionally reaching 90 degrees or higher. The record high temperature at the National Weather Service office in San Diego of 111degrees was on September 26, 1963. The record low temperature was 25degrees on January 7, 1913.And yes, snow does fall in San Diego, albeit infrequently. It has only been recorded five times in over 125 years of record keeping, with flurries last seen in February 2008. However, it is quite common in the mountainous regions above 3000-4000 feet that surround San Diego County.Also of interest is the local saying “May gray and June gloom” which refers to a weather pattern that comes in during those months bringing a thin layer of clouds (sometimes called fog) that covers coastal and inland communities.Several other months of interesting weather patterns are the months of September through February when warm winds from the desert arrive commonly called Santa Ana’s.The Santa Ana winds usually only impact about 10 days a year, but what is most important about them is they bring often hot and always dry conditions which are known to spread and worsen wildfires in the surrounding mountains such as the state’s largest fire on record, the Cedar Fire in 2003 (killing 15 people) and the November 2008 California wildfires.But lest we get all caught up in the perils of the Santa Ana’s, let’s recall our opening paragraph: San Diego enjoys mild, sunny weather throughout the year. Yep, let’s stay focused on that!

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