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On November 9th, 2010 at 15:11

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Being the culturally and ethnically diverse city that it is, San Diego is home to several Hookah Bars for patrons of the relaxing activity to enjoy. For those who don’t know, a Hookah Bar is a place where patrons can smoke flavorless tobacco (also called shisha) from a smoking device known as a hookah. Also known as a waterpipe, a hookah is a single or multi-stemmed instrument often made of glass and very ornate in its embellishments used for the purpose of smoking in a way where the smoke is cooled and filtered by passing through the water of the pipe before being inhaled. Unlike cigarette smoking which is often frenetic and harried, the smoking of a hookah is done in a relaxed and thoughtful manner which many patrons find as a form of relaxation, inspiration for thoughtful conversation, and motivation for personal introspection. If you’re interested in investigating one of San Diego’s offerings here are a few to get you started:Aladdin Caf & Hookah Lounge, 3544 Ashford Street, 858.277.7577Caf Cabaret, 3739 Adams Avenue, 619.284.1819Caf Loma, 3960 West Point Loma Blvd., 619.222.1239Dmood, 4628 Park Blvd., 619.297.6663Egyptian Tea Room Caf and Hookah Lounge, 4644 College Ave., 619.265.7287Fumari, 330 G Street, 619.238.4949Mediterranean Caf, 1352 5th Avenue, 619.325.1900Old Cairo Caf, 3569 Adams Ave., 619.225.3095Tabac, 589 3rd Ave., 619.342.1380Zodiak Hookah Lounge, 6455 El Cajon Blvd., 619.326.6800Have fun exploring the many nuances that each location has to offer from differing ambiance to music. Just keep in mind that the use of hookah has been attributed to be worse than regular tobacco smoke, although definitive tests remain inconclusive. So, as with most things in life, good judgment should be in order.

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